Heavenly God.

We know that no country or government can stand without you as the foundation under it. We acknowledge that you are a loving but just God.

Father, we pray to you in a time when influences against the values you have taught us are under massive attack. Some who lead our Churches, Governments, and Communities are weakened in resolve to stand against them. Special interest groups, socialist constructs, and liberal concepts steal our children’s innocence; they covertly convert our children’s education into indoctrination. The rights of parents get stripped away to protect influences that go against your design.

Lord God, we pray that you will recharge our Pastors, Politicians, and Community Leaders to see that compromising with this evil is surrendering to it.  We ask that you protect our families and protect the crucial morals our communities need to function peacefully.

Father, we ask that you ignite your influence on our political candidates and leaders. Strengthen those who stand on your foundation, upholding values necessary to your followers and the long-term health of our once great nation. Finally, we ask that you revive the fight among those leaders who have lost their battle stance so that they will again stand for “One Nation Under God,” which “We Trust.”

In Jesus’s Divine Name, We Pray, Amen.

Written by: Rev. Steven D. Hofmeister – 9/4/2022