This page contains content that may be found offensive, vulgar, or untasteful (We Completely Agree). We share the following content as a public and parental advisory as evidence to what is happening in our public schools. We ask for your discretion and maturity when reviewing the following content.

The content shared on this page are discoveries of inappropriate materials, conduct, instruction, or indoctrination of children, or sexual grooming within our public school environments and links to relevant media reports.

These discoveries have been obtained by our research as well as the research of our network of like-minded organizations and partners.

In The Administration

Discoveries from Board of Education and School Administrations

In The Classroom

Discoveries from Board of Education and School Administrations

In The Libraries And Media Centers

Only some of these book have been discovered within the public schools library and media centers we monitor. These are provided to show books that have been reported in public schools from around the United States, some as early as elementary school.

Content Sourced from our friends with Moms For Liberty, as well as our own archives.

The following Document was produced by Moms For Liberty. The School Reform NOW PAC feels this is currently the most comprehensive accounting of inappropriate reading material currently produced for parental and political understanding of what our children are being exposed to.

Document may require a few minutes to load as it is roughly 100 pages.

In The Media

These are videos and articles that have been curated from various sources and media outlets to bring light to activities happening in public schools. Not all of these relate to the current activities happening within Maryland (But It Could)

2023-04-01T15:53:52-04:00 -‘All Boys Aren’t Blue’ sparks book ban requests for school boards, mirroring national trend

Eastern Shore school districts, along with schools nationwide, are dealing with a fresh round of book ban requests. One book in particular, George M. Johnson’s “All Boys Aren’t Blue,” has been addressed by commenters and caused numerous disruptions at recent Worcester, Wicomico and Somerset county boards of education meetings.