We Support Local Parent Control In Our Local Schools

The “School Reform NOW” Movement was started when we received information that there were new policies introduced and put into action within our Public School System that we feel regardless of religious perspective or family structure are detrimental to children, family, and community well-being.

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Suppose you are one of those parents interested in your child’s future. The best means for securing a good education is to have parental control over local schools. In that case, let us,, partner with you, the parent. 

The Maryland State Department of Education has redesigned culture-changing standards that will replace the culture of your home and community. Schools readily make changes, and “PARENTS ARE NOT INFORMED.” We, the body of tax-paying parents, believe we are privileged stakeholders in the educational process and should be privy to changes in curriculum after our approval. For example, enforcing transgender instruction upon parents with primary-age children and leaving the parent a “NO-OP-OUT” option seems unlawful and offensive to us, the parents. Even introducing literature into the middle school media centers that promote homosexual gratification to children as young as twelve years old is offensive. It violates any guideline of “age and moral appropriateness.” 

We, the parents, want our perspectives heard and discussed in public forums, perhaps in a Town Hall style format. We seek school reform. Social engineering that exempts the significant stakeholders is akin to fascism. Who are the stakeholders? These include parents, neighbors, the faith community, the local business community, and the significant “one nation under God.,” to whom we pledgeSchool Reform should look like the following:  

  1. Parents and extended families of children expect the freedom to provide input for a quality education that trains students to be productive members of our communities. 

  2. Neighbors are interested in civil, civic-minded, and moral citizens. 

  3.  Pastors of all local faith organizations would appreciate public schools providing a good, non-sectarian view of community life and not an anti-sectarian philosophy. Leave vain philosophies of socialism out of schools and leave the teaching of faith to institutions of religion. 

  4. Finally, the business community needs to hire local workers with excellent transitional skills, a work ethic, and human fairness. Hiring new laborers in a growing economy is a necessity. And having our children employed is equally necessary. 

 Children’s focus needs to return to the three R’s and not on social reform that infuses transgender, CRT, and hyper-sexual literature. Personal issues on sexuality and gender should be under the unique purview of parents behind closed doors at home. They should never be open-aired topics in classrooms of impressionable, primary-grade children.

We, the people, advocate for “SCHOOL REFORM OR SCHOOL CHOICE.” 

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Your Community Servant,

Rick Cech


Our Mission

“We will purpose to do ‘All’ possible good as we follow in our Lord’s footsteps for securing traditional family values, faith, and freedom for generations to come.”

We seek to procure governance that honors the establishment of

“One Nation Under God”


“In God We Trust.”

Our Declaration

The Reform-NOW Project is not an arm of any political identity.

But we will unabashedly support any organization that endeavors to establish a biblical view of governance through the love of Christ.

“I’m not gonna let parents come into schools and actually take books off and make their own decisions,”

Gov. Terry McAuliffe, Democrat - State of Virginia

“I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach.”

Gov. Terry McAuliffe, Democrat - State of Virginia

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